Captain James Nicholls of the British Cavalry, 1914. Owner of a magnificent Joey. Require something? I shall be in my Office, if you'd be so kind knock before you enter and I shall be with you.

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The captain

Today marks the 95th anniversary since the end of World War 1. Please take a moment to honour all those who fought, and all those who lost their lives. 
Photo by Georgia Summers


Today marks the 95th anniversary since the end of World War 1. Please take a moment to honour all those who fought, and all those who lost their lives. 

Photo by Georgia Summers



Okay so, how do I start with this? Yeah so I really wanted to make a follow forever list because my blog is already 3 years old and even though I didn’t reach my goal, it’s fine, as long as i’m having fun here, right? Having friends here is one of the best thing I had. I never thought of leaving here and deactivating this blog even if i got attached on my K-Pop blog. This was a nature blog at the first place, but then Tom Hiddleston came into my life. I’ll always love Tom Hiddleston forever and no matter what, him being as Loki, Captain Nicholls, Magnus, William Buxton, him being so gentle, loving, adorable, amazing actor and all. He brought so much joy in my life.

To all of you who are following me, thank you. Thank you for staying since the day i created this blog and became a Hiddlestoner, and I sincerely apologize for unfollowing some of you, my bad. I know i’m not so active like before. Things are getting tougher these days, and I just have to accept the fact that i’m growing up and preparing myself for the “real world”. I don’t have any plans to deactivate this blog if i left, I’m just gonna leave this blog as a remembrance.

So here it is (in alphabetical order)

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I’m actually out of words and all i gotta say is thank you so much for being such a lovely and awesome peeps. You guys are the best and I seriously love you all.

They’re made for running, horses. Running away from danger. Running away is all they have. Yet we taught them opposite. War horse. And there he is. What a strange beast you’ve become.


[x] WWI Royal Artillery 2nd Lieutenant aboard a sturdy chestnut. Back of photograph reads:

“John or Jack. Chestnut, age about 15 yrs. Lead of gun team for 1 year. Wounded slightly a year ago: his partner killed: has been officer’s charger since then.”




Tom Hiddleston - Acting talent (P1)

She nods “mind if you tell me where I am and where the closest gym is please?” she asked politely “I need to punch something to get rid of my built up anger” she explained

"France, and you stand in the middle of a British camp. My apologies, but you shall find no gym for many a mile." he replied carefully, not wishing to trigger any possible attack to release her pent up stress upon him or any other in their close proximity. "You do not need to answer this if you’d rather avoid the matter, but what has you so frustrated?"

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"I hope all shall forgive my ill manners. I have greatly lacked in activity and have neglected friends of visits since the beginning of the year, which has been awfully rude of me. I trust past months may be forgotten and friendships can be rekindled."

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She smiles forcefully "hello" she said in a forced happy tune

"Hello my dear, is there something I may do for you?" the Captain replied with a tone of kindness, yet it still managed to convey his authority.